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16 September 2016
Brisbane/CBD & Inner Suburbs

4 month contract for Developers

Solutions Architect

16 September 2016
QLD/Sunshine Coast

9 month contract for Solutions Architect with the new Sunshine Coast University Hospital

Developer - Java, Adobe Flash

15 September 2016
Brisbane/CBD & Inner Suburbs

Java-Flash Developer contract available, Brisbane CBD, Qld Government Dep't

John Cooling, SmartWorker CEO
John Cooling

SmartWorker CEO

A Note from our CEO

Welcome to SmartWorker. We want to make your goal of building a stronger team at work a reality by creating for you a quality talent pool so that your enterprise picks from the best.

Specialising in professional and management, we are here to help you sort through the many, many choices you have when planning to hire a new staff member, executive leader, or interim specialist on contract.

While we are known for specialising in ICT roles, we have many areas of expertise including finance, engineering, sales, operations and health, and more.

SmartWorker’s Steps to Hiring Success


A custom recruiting plan and tailored job brief  will save you time and put you in control.


Wide coverage of the market makes sure you are getting access to the best talent available.


This stage is extremely open and transparent – we’ll work with you to ensure you have a quality talent pool that you have full access to.

Value Add
Value Add

Our range of value-adding services can be counted on to enhance your recruiting when needed.

Our ICT Job Opportunities

At SmartWorker, our expert consultants have been specialised ICT recruiters for years, giving us the knowledge and experience necessary to recruit ICT specialists for a comprehensive set of job roles and contractor assignments.

We use a well-defined process supported by the most advanced recruiting technology to help us recruit people quickly. Not only that – our systems ensure that we present candidates who fit the job brief. We use a structured classification process of our own that lends itself to our customers’ real requirements. When classifying ICT professionals we use 10 micro niches and about 100 job families.

  • ICT Support
  • Sales & Marketing and Communications
  • Data
  • Architecture
  • ICT Security & Risk
  • Professional Services
  • Software
  • Senior ICT Management
  • ICT Infrastructure
  • Digital


“SmartWorker’s ability to come up with the people with the right skills, the right fit for Vale Australia and in the right time frame has impressed us every time we use their service.”
Robert BishopFinancial Controller Vale Australia
“I was impressed from the first meeting with the transparency and value of the engagement. I decided to try the service and have not been disappointed – excellent value and results.”
John FarneaManaging Director, Commerce Vision