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SmartWorker Appoints New CEO – Chris Martin

By jonathan | May 9, 2017

Today SmartWorker is proud to announce the appointment of its new CEO, Chris Martin. This announcement comes as John Cooling, founder and former CEO, retires from actively running the business. John has shifted into a directorial position and is excited at the innovations that Chris will bring to the company. Having consulted in more than 20 countries…

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Principles of Design for a New Recruitment Business

By John Cooling | March 29, 2017

Business Opportunity Principles to think about in the design for a new recruitment business that has a real differentiator and maximum value add. Disrupt agency recruitment business using a hi tech, end to end solution design that recognises the high value add of consultants. The opportunity is to enhance the consultant! It is not possible…

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Modern Recruiting – Outsource & Collaborate to Succeed

By Chris Martin | March 21, 2017

Two heads are better than one. When it comes to recruiting a new team member, collaboration is key to finding the perfect fit for your business. You can go it alone. A lot of people do. You can float a position description out to the recruitment agency market and hope for the best. Success is…

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Plan a targeted talent pool

By John Cooling | February 7, 2017

I need to clarify a point upfront, a talent pool is more than a puddle. A “puddle” is the result from a tick and flick recruiter. They save time & effort by flicking across close to hand resumes that may not actually match your requirements. A strong talent pool needs to “cover the market”. A…

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Size is important, quality more so.

By John Cooling | February 7, 2017

Talent pool size differs from job to job. Developers may be a dime a dozen. You could build a talent pool with hundreds of candidates. However, if you want developers with specific skills, hard to find experiences or more, that pool may be very small. Talent pool quality is the key. No matter what the…

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Hire I.T. Contractors, New Contractor V Experienced Contractor

By John Cooling | February 2, 2017

Free Excel tool to help hire quality I.T. contractors When you want to hire I.T. contractors it is a time for care. As well as having the skills needed for a job, they have to fit the team. Best practise when considering a contractor is to also determine the Value Rating and align it with the payment…

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Recruitment a Seven Step Process

By John Cooling | January 25, 2017

Modern Recruiting – To Build Stronger Teams The Seven Step Process To maximise the benefits we can get from cloud apps, social network recruiting, Boolean searching, artificial intelligence and mobile internet we have to have a well-defined process, in our case its a seven step process. That lets us approach all our work in a…

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Workers for Queensland Government ICT

By John Cooling | January 25, 2017

We’re Committed to the Queensland Government Our team at SmartWorker has collaborated with the Queensland Government since gaining GITC Q-2941 in November 2006. In that time, we have always tried to present the best and strongest candidates. With the invention and integration of the Syft Platform for recruiting, we expect to continuously improve on our…

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Accounting Recruitment Online

By John Cooling | January 25, 2017

SmartWorker is here to help you build stronger teams through our collaborative outsourced recruiting, not just IT but also for accounting recruitment. Finding the right people for your organisation is rarely as easy as posting a job advertisement. In the highly competitive accounting industry, the sheer volume of respondents alone can be overwhelming for even…

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Recruitment online anywhere, anytime on any device

By John Cooling | January 19, 2017

Freedom! Freedom from piles of resumes. Freedom from email after email reviewing applicants. Try recruitment online anywhere, anytime on any device. Freedom to review your talent pool, when you want, where you want and on the device you want. Modern online recruitment means access from anywhere you can get a connection, at any time and…

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With over 50 years IT market experience in our leadership team. SmartWorker consultants are active networkers across in the industry everyday. It makes us a key knowledge source in the IT market.
Our network has helped us built a quality client base. Our clients in many industries include 5 of the world’s top 10 global miners. Other industries are - software and digital - mid-market miners - energy companies - infrastructure and engineering companies - banking and finance industry. Plus many government enterprises and agencies.


SmartWorker’s capability for IT talent acquisition expertise built on its depth of knowledge. Labor economics + knowledge of regional employment conditions + managing a quality client base + managing a quality candidate pool + delivering one to one recruitment solutions + using repeatable quality processes + using the latest and unique technology + executed by trained professional specialists.