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IT Contractor Recruitment

Our employment agency services for the onhire of IT contractors.

  • Recruit contractors for an entire project
  • Recruit contractors for a single role
  • Recruit consultants for an interim assignment
  • Payroll service for self sourced contractors
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"Every day around 80% of I.T. vacancies are contract opportunities!"

Did you know

Every day around 80% of I.T. vacancies are contract opportunities!

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I.T. Contractor & Consultant Market

Every day around 80% of I.T. vacancies are contract opportunities!

The IT workforce is one of the most freelance in Australia. About 30% of I.T. professionals work as contractors and consultants.

3 Options for Contractors

PAYG - Pty. Ltd. - Managed

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PAYG - Pty. Ltd. - Managed

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SmartWorker have 3 options for engaging a contractor they are on hiring to a client.

Workday Resources for Contractors

Contractor Management Office

Time sheets, pay schedule, benefits management, WHS, superannuation. 

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Forms and Information Packs for Contractors

Working as a contractor requires fresh paperwork for every new assignment. Get easy access via the Contractor Management Office.

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60% of job searches are done on mobile phones. Applications on mobile are up 30%.