Three Contractor Options

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Contracting jobs can require specialised, high-level skill sets, as well as discretion, the ability to build rapport quickly in teams, and many other soft and hard skills. When it comes time to find individuals who fit the brief, time-poor managers and decision-makers can find it difficult to gather the necessary resources to get the perfect person for the job.

Let us help you – contracting recruitment is one of our specialties. Whether you’re looking for IT, engineering or health contractors (or something else entirely), we are experienced in finding and screening candidates. That’s not all, though; if you hire people through contracts regularly, you know that working through a third party is always preferable. If you choose to partner with SmartWorker, you also get a recruitment agency experienced at managing ongoing relationships between companies and contractors.

Casual Contractor Employee

No Charge
  • Employed by the employment agency and then on hired to the client
  • Simplest method to use
  • Tax and Super are managed by the employment agency
  • Workers compensation and Indemnity Insurance managed by the Employment Agency
  • Health and Safety joint responsibility of you, client and employment agency

Independent Contractor Company

1% of income
  • You are sub contractor to the employment agency
  • Has complex tax considerations you must manage
  • Cost to set up a company and manage BAS returns as well as company tax returns
  • You are liable to carry your own workers compensation and other insurances
  • You have to manage the invoicing on top of managing time sheets

Payroll Management Company

4% of income
  • You are employee of the management company who is the sub contractor of the employment agency who has the head contract with the client
  • Useful if your employment agency doent offer casual or independent service
  • More expensive than Casual Employee service
  • Can be most expensive option if you select lots of additional services