Recruitment Specialist, People Finder, Problem Solver, Entrepreneur. These are the words that describe my professional profile. I have spent 10 years working in B2B roles for small to large organisations across Australia. In that time I have gained a thorough understanding of business needs.
From there I transitioned into recruitment where I established a Recruitment Consulting Business. After discovering SmartWorker's Syft Platform I was eager to come on board as a consulting partner.



Engineering, Construction and Built Environment is where I recruit. I have spent more than 5 years consulting for companies that are looking for the best. You learn what works and what doesn't.
I bring the experience I gained working at Telstra into recruitment. Being a risk manager, and talking to stake holders, I'm thorough and analytical in my thinking. This is crucial, especially when trying to find the right candidate.



I don't have x-ray vision, nor do I have a golden lasso of truth. My recruitment superpower is to see real value in people where others may see problems. Starting with the resume I see the potential of each candidate. I can identify the value that they can bring, whether it's the current role or elsewhere. I use my recruitment superpower to find candidates that deliver great value and fit.



SmartWorker offers one of the best online recruitment solutions out there. Using it feels like the future is here today. Partnering with SmartWorker as a consultant strengthens our offerings, and exposes me to other industries. 



When I am not busy I love to knit, a very meditative process. A good book in a quiet spot is another favourite past time of mine as well. That is when I am not outside walking to the beat of my own drum.


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