The Modern Online Recruiting Company

A Decade of Experience

SmartWorker is a modern recruitment company. Started in 2002, it has over a decade of experience recruiting IT professionals across all industries and government. 

It's clients include half of the “Top 10” mining companies in the world, plus mid-tier and junior miners. SmartWorker recruitment consultants recruit a full range of technical, professional and management staff for mines all over Australia and in exotic locations such as the Cote de Ivoire and New Caledonia.

SmartWorker recruitment consultants provide high caliber and extensively screened technical and professional staff and contractors of all levels from graduates through to Directors. Our rigorous recruitment process along with our close working relationships with our clients and candidates ensure we match the right person to the job.

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A Leader of Innovation

SmartWorker is never content with the status quo. We are always looking for ways to parlay our industry knowledge and business nouse into better ways to serve our customers. 

It developed new online recruitment agency services to give you options. It gives you new flexible options for all your permanent and temporary recruitment requires.

It has incorporated best practice recruitment methods in a new and modern way.

The secret sauce is some of the most innovative tech available in the market today.   We have adopting the amazing capabilities of the  Syft Platform.

Today, we are a modern IT recruitment company. We help more and more customers to improve their quality of hire using low cost recruitment.

Recruitment online anywhere, anytime

Our Approach to Recruiting

  • Our Impact

    Quality of hire and visible value

    The impact of all this? We’d like to think we have already modernised recruiting services. As a modern IT recruiter our services deliver quality recruits in new ways not seen before.

    Our jobs are all real, our candidates get the feedback they need. Our clients come back time and again, they proudly refer their colleagues and friends to us all the time.

    We are not finished yet, we’re committed to making it easier for hiring managers to build a stronger team by recruiting well. So make sure you know what we are doing to improve modern recruiting, follow us on twitter

    We will help you build a stronger team when you recruit I.T. specialists.

  • What we Do

    Hit your target every time

    At SmartWorker we recruit IT specialists. Not just one type of specialist, but all IT specialists.

    We make recruiting easier for you. Easier to spec the job with confidence with help from us. Easy to see the talent pool using our dashboard. Easy to select the best using our aids. In other words we make recruiting work for you. For you and candidate the added bonus is if you do it right you will end up with a stronger team at work.

  • Why we do it.

    Passionate about work for all

    Without getting to touchy feely about it. We do it because we are passionate about people getting work.

    We believe work is one of the most important things in life, there can be no work life balance without work.

    So, we became a modern IT recruiter to make our contribution to help get people work they can be proud of.

  • How we do it

    Specialist  IT Consultants plus the Syft Platform

    There are many ways to get a quality result, and we have covered quite a few:

    • By helping to design the Syft Platform, great technology for recruiting collaboration, we’ve made it easier for you to recruit IT specialists.
    • We have built a large network of IT specialists and continue to expand our reach to prime candidates every day.
    • Our research has created proven best practise for recruiting staff and engaging contractors.
    • The professional service standards of our consultants is applied to each of the seven steps of our recruiting processes.
    • We have recruited for large and small enterprises all over Australia.

    There is no better choice than collaborating with SmartWorker as your modern I.T. recruiter.


Global Ripple Search


Our premium service achieving the greatest "quality of hire" rating. Great savings with the low cost fee structure. 

Job Brief


Speed & fit from our expansive talent pool of contractors and consultants. Advanced search search for the hard to find specialist with the latest skills. 



Traditional recruitment service to present a shortlist of candidates to your job specification. 

6 Second Read


Ethical market testing for internal roles. Low cost referral programs. Unbundled services.

What To Expect From Us

We provide visible value

The economic value of our services is outstanding. We make it visible to clients. Our premium service, recruitment online, is an open book approach to professional service delivery.  Clients can see what we are doing for them in real time. The status of every job in their account is visible 24/7.

The end result of our modern approach is clients  are paying less than half of traditional recruiting fees. With SmartWorker, you know exactly what you are paying for. 

The value of services can be hard to see in any profession. We have gone to great lengths to make our services visible to every client. What you see is what you get!

We collaborate with you.

Collaboration is a big part of our philosophy. We work as part of your team while bringing our own expertise to the table. Our tools may be the best available right now. That doesn't mean we don't know that communication is key when it comes to finding the perfect fit.

Collaborative recruiting, where the hiring manager and the consultant share the same goal. We collaborate to choose the best of the best from a market-wide talent pool. We have proven it to be a superior method of recruiting to make a work team stronger – and that’s exactly what we do.

Flexible customisation of services.

We know every recruiting job is a little different. Often, you’ll find that our baseline ‘end-to-end’ service is exactly what you need. Sometimes you may want a tighter process. That may mean cutting out some of the services. Or, including some DIY work from your end. Even getting us on board for steps you wouldn’t normally entrust to recruiters. We can customise your experience to the letter.

Advanced yet easy-to-use tools.

We have developed unique technology (international patent pending) to make recruiting more streamlined. Our customers have access to tools for the visualisation and comparison of candidates. It adds a new dimension, giving a holistic view of candidates and a high-speed review.

We work hard to build an honest relationship.

Transparency is key – we don’t believe in keeping secrets. That’s where our collaborative platforms come in handy. With online communication at our fingertips, it would be silly not to make the most of it!

So what do we share with you? The short answer is “everything”! We let you in on all our comments about the job and the candidates. All backed by data and findings that we log in Syft for you to view. This means you can use our knowledge to make an educated hiring choice!

Comprehensive scanning of the market.

We agree on the scope of the market scan. Our outbound scan includes job board advertising, social advertising, social messaging. Plus options for looking into including internal candidates or any staff referrals. You have full visibility of the market scan we do for you hire. You can feel confident knowing that we have used all our tools, networks and connections. It's a modern recruitment strategy to unearth all potential talent.

Full engagement of the market builds the strongest talent pool possible. Our inbound scan strategy is SmartWorker’s global ripple search. Start with local networks and reach out to global databases. Our marketing techniques include the appropriate social channels, proven online media. We even design custom career mini sites for larger projects.

We are on the job and you are fully informed.

The hiring managers we work with usually take an active role in the strategic part of the assignment. Getting the job definition right. Getting the salary band correct and, of course, the final selection.

The transactional part of the job is usually left to the experts with the right skills and the tools: us. As an cheap and efficient outsource partner, you can trust us to handle the little details. We handle the time-consuming.

The SmartWorker ‘Bonus Play’.

If you engage us to build a talent pool for a role its your. If you decide you need more than one person from the pool. You can hire them without any extra charges. We have already done the work, after all!

We are Syft Platform Certified.

We are pioneers of modern online recruiting methods. We use the Syft platform to support our consulting services. SmartWorker is the only recruitment company that can offer this as part of it's services.

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