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Choose the modern recruitment career program with benefits.

  • Keep up to 85% of the fees you bill

    • SmartWorker provides the infrastructure and tools.
    • You get to maximise your billing potential.
    • Hourly rates up to $170 for billable hours.
    • High percentages on contingent fees.
    • Options for building a strong contractor revenue stream.
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  • Low startup cost

    • BYO device(s), nothing to install.
    • All software licences included.
    • Fast start and activation.
    • Comprehensive training and support.
    • Express load and transformation of your best candidates.
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  • Hourly billing model with teeth

    • Proven hourly billing model. 
    • Supported by technology beyond anything you can image.
    • It's the way of the future for recruitment consulting.
    • Our hourly rates are outstanding.
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  • Work when, where and how you like

    • Your lifestyle, your business, you are in control.
    • Cloud based tools, work remotely.
    • Spend more time consulting and billing.
    • Reduce the overheads hassle.
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  • Business Support

    • Start with a unique value proposition.
    • Develop and track marketing campaigns to maximise your social and internet presence.
    • Move up to contractor management when you are ready.
    • Billing, finance and payroll support provided.
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  • Proven and innovative brand

    • Patented business technology exclusive to SmartWorker recruiters.
    • Expertise and tools support for you to be the best you can. 
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Work-Life Balance is real

Achieve the lifestyle business of your dreams. Work how you like for the goals you set. Cloud solutions available all day, every day, from everywhere.

Unique Selling Proposition

Gain a unique selling proposition. Be able to have a fresh conversation with hiring managers that others can’t. Protected by patented technology!

Get paid for every job

Get paid for all the work you do. We have specialist service offerings that you get paid for every job you start. !!! Yes really.

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Recruitment will be transformed within the next 10 years.

The future of recruiting is consulting.

Consulting as a professional. Consulting in the same manner your clients already engage outside services. Consultants collaborate with their clients as part of their extended team. Outsourced services paid for all the work you do.

Build your recruitment consultancy of the future with our experience. Transform your business model and processes around modern online technology.

Contingent recruitment is still on the table. We provide a pathway to move to Modern Recruitment Services for you and your clients.