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True recruitment online requires key characteristics, see what makes our approach different.

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Five Characteristics of True Recruitment Online

At SmartWorker we believe TRUE Recruitment Online requires three characteristics.

In simplest terms, recruitment online is the process of getting access to a pool of talent put together using a diverse range of techniques of marketing and head hunting.

  • 1. A Professional Services Appoach

    A professional service approach that focuses on specific client outcomes.    

  • 2. Visibility

    Precise visibility of talent pools, including open and transparent disclosure of the whole assignment from end to end.

  • 3. Technology Platform

    Dynamic online tools and techniques that are professionally managed   

  • 4. Has a well defined goal

    The basic goal is two fold:

    1. Assemble a talent pool of depth and quality;
    2. Reduce cost by lowering fees and saving time.

    "Think of it as the potential to build a stronger team and limiting the downside of excessive fees and wasted time." ...John Cooling, company founder

  • 5. Quality Hire at Low Cost

    True recruitment online can get highly specific and uses diverse techniques to focus on a talent pool for a single job family.

    It has wide applications, recruitment online solutions can be cut recruitment cost in half and improve quality of hire for permanent recruitment.

Recruitment Online - WHAT IT DOES

Recruitment Online, What it does number 1

Seeks to make quality hires while controlling costs

Open and transparent collaboration dynamically exposing higher quality candidates.

Sourcing diversified across multiple channels deploying modern and traditional techniques to build talent pool size.

How you May Benefit

The upside potential that full talent pool access provide, plus the downside protection of excessively high cost and wasted time.

Recruitment Online, What is does Number 2
Recruitment Online, What it does number 3
Recruitment Online, What it does number 4
Recruitment Online, What it does number 5