Advanced Recruitment Services

Service add-ons for Premium Service Customers

Why people choose advanced services

  • Enhance and Protect EVP

    The stronger a clients Employment Value Proposition (EVP) the better the calibre of candidates that can be attracted.

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  • Leverage Internal Staff Networks

    Tap into the connections of your current staff to expand the size and quality of the talent pool you can select from. Simple low cost options are found to work best. 

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  • Cover Peak Loads

    Flexible packaging of recruitment services by unbundling the seven basics steps is a modern solution to handling peak work loads for internal recruiters. For example, just getting all the applicants for a job screened to come up with a clean list can be a great help.  

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  • Unbiased Evaluation of Internal Candidates

    Internal candidates included should be assured of unbiased evaluation. Including an arms length step with formal evaluation criteria the same as used on external candidates protects the hiring manager and the company from problems.  

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Advanced Recruitment Services

Advanced recruitment service for Premium Customer using online recruitment

  • Requires use of hiring manager dashboard included with online recruitment.
  • Like online recruitment service these are low cost options.

Market Testing

The ethical way to test the market before making an internal promotion.

Modern hiring managers are always looking to make their team stronger. Maybe an internal promotion will achieve that. Maybe there is outstanding talent in the market that would be even better

The challenge is to make sure the internal candidates are treated well and continue their loyal service. At the same time screening fresh candidates from the open market to the same high standard.

Referral Program

Companies who add an employee referral program to their recruitment have a 46% retention rate compares to 33% for those who don't.

Referrals are usually quality hires who perform the role well after six months.

TIP. Also include past employees as referrers in your program.  They know you and who would be a good fit.

Referral programs have a dip in enthusiasm after the initial use period. Stick with it, they do come back when employees see you sustain the effort.

Rewards Options.

  • Public recognition, a formal thank-you.
  • Extra Leave days
  • Product Items
  • Charity Donations
  • Novel Experince's

Cheap and easy to get started. Two thirds of companies implement an employee referral program without any special referral program product.

Unbundled Recruitment Services

Recruitment online service works in seven well defined steps from the job brief to the contract.

We can take the job so far and hand it over to you to finish off at any stage.

You only pay for work we do on an hourly rate.

Using your hiring manager dashboard you can see our progress in real time and stop us whenever you like.