My Talent Pool

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Talent Pools are one the most powerful components in modern recruitment. Our clients can't get enough of the features and add-ons that we provide. Here you can find out more about each one.

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Screened Candidates

All of the candidates that we process are screened by professional recruitment consultants.

Six Second Read

Our candidate timelines give you a quick snapshot of their history, allowing a fast assessment.

Processed by AI

We send all candidate applications to an Artificial Intelligence engine that returns structured data. We then import the data straight into our database.

Low Cost

Compared to traditional recruitment, our fees are low cost. Modern online recruitment reduces fees while retaining quality talent.

Open & Transparent

You can see all updates and notes made by recruitment consultants against potential candidates. You get a behind the scenes look at the process.

Compare Whole Pool

We rate all our candidates against soft and hard criteria. Compare your pool of candidates for a clear overview.

Bonus Play

When you need more talent with the same position description, keep hiring from the talent pool we just created for you at no extra cost!