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Recruitment online service is the modern option to make a for low cost quality hire

  • Specialist I.T. Recruitment Agency since 2006.
  • Experienced recruitment consultants, average 8 years
  • Talent pool to your exact specification with degree of fit measured
  • "Bonus Play" hire a second one for no fee.
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I.T. market has one of the longest time to fill metrics  around 50 days. vacancies are contract opportunities!

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Recruitment Online is a modern end-to-end service unlike any offered by our competitors. We run a complete recruitment service for your vacancy. We are your partner and operate as an extension of your team. You have as much control and input into the process as you need. True collaboration!
It delivers a custom built talent pool with bonus hire features. You are free use of our latest recruiting technology platform. Plus preferential low cost fees, so it’s great value for money too (see below comparison). Your entire team can use our latest recruitment online technology to view candidates. The online tools help make a good selection.

Modern Recruitment

Syft Platform

Powered by Syft Platform technology

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7 Most Popular Benefits of Recruitment Online

  1. Best Fit People Solution Online recruitment needs collaboration to get the best fit person for a role. Our Syft Platform is proprietary technology, you can't get this service anywhere else. It makes working together so easy. Plus it gives you new tools to make your life easier.    
  2. Best Value Investment New Pricing Model. Cut your costs in half. Only pay for the work done on your job. Plus Bonus play option can double your saving again.
  3. Occupation Specialist Recruitment Consultants Market Knowledge of IT is there. Every SmartWorker recruitment consultant has worked in IT in their career. SmartWorker's market knowledge gives your Hiring Managers confidence we understand their needs.
  4. Scientific Methods, Objective & Unbiased Input Fit. Technology used where it adds value. Recruitment consultants for expertise on the industry, people and evaluating your talent pool. Automated workflow to enhance processes. Artificial intelligence (AI) to automate and enhance understanding.  Putting it all together and you have the best online recruitment service. It is delivering higher quality candidates with a better fit, faster.
  5. Structure, Discipline, Timeliness Speed. Structure and discipline across processes that drive successful recruiting outcomes. Our consultants focus on value. SmartWorker delivers a high quality talent pool faster. Our services support faster and more accurate candidate reviews. Saving time and money, and improving quality of hire.

  6. Flips the model on its headChange the game. Stop being so sales lead and focused on winning the deal. Be a collaborative recruitment partner. Focus on delivering the best talent for every role. No more wild speculators tossing you close-to-hand resumes regardless of suitability. Rather high-quality professional services.  
  7. Empowering the Hiring Manager The Hiring Manager is always in control with SmartWorker's online recruitment service. They have  full transparency on the talent search. We give  24x7 access of real time progress. Both feedback and QA checkpoints built in to the process. Keep the search for high quality talent focused and on target, saving both time and money. Hiring Managers are in control. Stop, start or change a recruitment service at any time without penalty.

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As founder and CEO of SmartWorker, John brings over a decade of experience to transform the recruitment space.

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General Manager and Marketing Extraordinaire, Chris is here to push the limits on what's possible