Hire I.T. Contractors, New Contractor V Experienced Contractor

Free Excel tool to help hire quality I.T. contractors

When you want to hire I.T. contractors it is a time for care. As well as having the skills needed for a job, they have to fit the team. Best practise when considering a contractor is to also determine the Value Rating and align it with the payment rate. Four steps to allow for when setting up our tool to hire IT contractors.

A simple 4 step process to improve your quality of hire for I.T. contractors.

Step 1 – “Can do the job” use Skills cloud + Evaluation Criteria

Step 2 – “Will fit the team” use Timeline + Evaluation Criteria

Step 3 – Value for money use Evaluation Rating x Hourly rate = Value Rating

Step 4 – Double checks


Skills cloud + Evaluation Criteria

First is fit. Evaluation of soft and hard skill requirement to get the job done always comes first.

The hard skills can be seen in skills cloud. If you can’t see what you need no need to take this contractor any further. If they do have a good shape in their skills cloud, then score them up against your predetermined evaluation criteria.

Preset evaluation criteria with weightings for a more consistent comparison of candidates.


The soft skills don’t figure that well on a skills cloud and are best evaluated using resume content, and first strike Q&A and phone screen.

PRO TIP: “Can do the job V will do the job”. Be very careful of very experienced contractors stepping down a level or two for your contract. Sure they can do your job standing on their head, but when a more interesting or better paid job comes up they may leave you in the lurch.

Timeline + Evaluation Criteria

Culture fit is a hard one to assess for contractors. The best predictor of fit with your team is the history of fit with other teams. Past behaviour is seen as strong predictor of the future. Use the timeline to guide assessment of your cultural fit criteria.

Many contracts are for standard lengths, 3 months or 6 months. Look for variations from the standard length on the timeline and drill down on this to find more details of fit with the team.

PRO TIP: Be wary of contractors that do not get extensions. Lots of 3 month contracts can indicate the contractor wasn’t delivering and it’s easy to run them to the end of term and let them quietly fade away.    

Evaluation Rating x Hourly rate = Value Rating

Once you have done your hard skills assessment and soft skills assessment including your cultural fit ratings you are ready to calculate your Value Rating. It’s quite simple. Multiple your normalise score by the hourly rate of the contractor and compare your talent pool.

Now it’s over to you to pick. At least you have consistent basis to make a selection.

Double Checks

Final check for candidates new to contacting  

  1. Housekeeping – Do they have realistic understanding. No holidays, tax, not part of the company   

Final checks for old hands at contracting

  1. Verify details of actual contribution. 

PRO TIP: Verify the role value. Drill into the details of what a contractor actually did on an assignment. Can be a tendency for some to confuse the project’s achievements with their own. There is important difference between contributing and controlling an outcome.

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