Modern Recruiting – Outsource & Collaborate to Succeed

Two heads are better than one. When it comes to recruiting a new team member, collaboration is key to finding the perfect fit for your business.

You can go it alone. A lot of people do. You can float a position description out to the recruitment agency market and hope for the best. Success is there to be had. The problem is that success is hard to come by. Success is more than a new warm body in the chair.

Collaboration in traditional recruiting is also quite rare. Traditional recruiting is more sales than consulting. Even though most recruiters use the title Recruitment Consultant, instead of Recruitment Salesperson. Five “recruitment consultants” competing for the win is sales, not consulting.

Collaboration is a core element in modern recruiting. It is at the core of the relationship between hiring managers and recruitment consultants. You can’t get the best results if there isn’t a genuine partnership with open communication.

Consider partnering with a recruitment agency that knows how to work with you. One that you feel you can trust. Partner with a recruitment consultant and you will save time, money and energy.

The result will build stronger teams for your organisation.

Outsource and extend your team

When you need your tax done, do you send it to several tax agents at once?

When you need HR advice, do you send out your request to several HR agencies at once?

When you need some code, do you send out a specification to several software developers at once?

In each case, do you only pay the winner? No. You select one tax agent, one HR agency and one software developer. In each case, you select up-front which specialist will deliver the results you seek.

Ask yourself why you collaborate with one specialist. You engage a specialist for their skills and so you can invest your time and energy where it is best spent. Invest your time where it will deliver a better return for the business.

Select your recruitment consultant or agency in the same way.

Work with a recruitment consultant as an outsourced extension of your team. Sure, you will need to invest time with your consultant. In fact, a modern recruitment consultant will seek your input at key stages in the process. Not simply email over some resumes and ask how do they look. Collaborate with your chosen recruitment consultant. Give them your time to better define the role.

Recruitment consultants act as a part of your team. Dedicated to delivering a successful outcome. Skilled at applying their expert knowledge of the hiring process. Transparent in their communication with you.

Working with a modern recruitment consultant in this manner saves money and leads to better hiring.

Lay the foundation for every role, every time.

Modern recruitment consultants live by the process to land the perfect person for your role. They strive to understand the role, requirements and expectations of you and your business.

Building stronger teams within your business, starts with laying a sound foundation. Collaborate with your outsourced recruitment consultant to define the job brief. Define the job before starting the search.

The job brief is more than a position description. Your consultant should never skim over the brief. The job brief is one the most important touch points in the recruitment process.

Definition of the role, culture, evaluation criteria, 1st year achievements and experience lays that strong foundation. Traditional recruiters most often shy away from this stage due the ‘sale’ factor. In a competitive sale environment, invest your time and effort where it is likely to yield a win. Your role may not be the potential ‘win’.

A strong job brief supports the advertising, screening, interviewing and selection stages.

Culture is just as important as skill

Cultural fit is now more important than skill or experience. At least that is the way it appears in a lot of advertising.

Hiring Managers seek a great cultural fit with the team and the business. Candidates seek an organisation that matches the culture they desire. Modern recruitment consultants invest the time to understand the culture behind the role.

Modern recruitment consultants understand you, your team and your organisation. This leads to finding candidates with a better fit, which adds an extra element of value.

The filing cabinet is now open and in the cloud

Traditional recruiting kept the best candidates hidden. Secrets. Only the best candidates were taken out of the locked bottom drawer for the best clients – with the most money. There was a good chance the best candidates only listed with a single agency as well.

In the modern world, the filing cabinet is now in the cloud and everyone has a key. LinkedIn, SEEK and the multitude of databases are available on a global scale to most recruiters.

You can now collaborate with a single agency on a single role. Not necessarily the same agency for every role. The modern world is about specialisation. Modern recruitment consultants specialise in their collaborative approach.

Collaborate and invest in your outsourced recruitment consultant to deliver the best match.

Collaborate and Build a Stronger Team

Select your preferred recruitment consultant or agency upfront and build a better partnership. Invest an hour or three with one recruitment consultant. Don’t invest 30 minutes each with 5 or 6 ‘consultants’.

Collaborate to build a stronger team. Invest the time with one consultant to define the role, the culture and the organisation.

Collaborate to save money. After all, the higher fees in traditional recruiting exist to cover the cost of the ‘sales’ losses.

Collaborate to save time. That’s your time we are talking about.



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