Plan a targeted talent pool

I need to clarify a point upfront, a talent pool is more than a puddle.

A “puddle” is the result from a tick and flick recruiter. They save time & effort by flicking across close to hand resumes that may not actually match your requirements.

A strong talent pool needs to “cover the market”. A job specific talent pool will contain both active & passive talent. Active talent will apply for the job or make themselves known to the market. Passive talent needs a nudge to see the opportunity. Skilled headhunting locates passive talent. Your talent pool should both active & passive talent to cover the market

This is a two part blog with part 1 discussing how to get started building a job specific talent pool. Part 2 discusses how to fill a job specific talent pool with both active & passive applicants.


Change the game. Sales based recruiting focuses on winning the deal. Often with as little effort as possible – only winners get paid.

Consultant based recruiting becomes a collaboration between hiring manager and recruiter. Both focused on delivering the best talent. Wild speculators become a thing of the past. No more recruiters tossing you close-to-hand resumes regardless of suitability. Instead, you get high-quality professional services. Recruitment consultants engaged in the same manner you already engage your external experts.

Candidate quality improves through better planning and consistent pool evaluations. The process becomes transparent as the recruitment consultant shares information. Recruitment consultants deliver value, through low cost recruiting.

Flip the model to consultant based recruitment & select the recruiter first. Then, collaborate with them to recruit better.


Getting off to a good start requires an investment of time & effort. Both the recruiter & the hiring manager need to collaborate & define the Job Brief for the role. This is more than a position description.

SmartWorker consultants meet with an organisation to understand the company. Understanding the team culture, values, environment and benefits for the employees is key. We go further. We look for the FUN side of things as well. We look at team building, community support activities & other work life balance opportunities. SmartWorker consultants gather this information to promote your organisation to candidates.

Collaborating to create a Job Brief goes beyond a standard position description. A strong Job Brief includes the current team structure, position package & benefits. The Job Brief also outlines why the role is available, how the team is currently coping & the 1st year achievements. The agreed evaluation criteria for assessing the talent pool are defined. Both soft & hard evaluation criteria enables faster initial assessment of the candidates. This provides a QA point to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Remember, start weak & get weak results. Start strong with a clear definition of the role & get a stronger result.

Step 3 (searching & marketing) & Step 4 (consistent evaluation) are discussed in part 2.

SmartWorker is a modern online recruitment company. We specialise in building job specific talent pools for the IT industry across Australia. We made the transition to a consulting based recruitment model more than 2 years ago.

Download your own complementary candidate evaluation tool. Give it a try to see how consistent evaluations of your candidates leads to better hiring.



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