Recruitment a Seven Step Process

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The Seven Step Process

seven step process

To maximise the benefits we can get from cloud apps, social network recruiting, Boolean searching, artificial intelligence and mobile internet we have to have a well-defined process, in our case its a seven step process. That lets us approach all our work in a consistent manner and allows us to find you the best candidates possible in an effective and efficient way. The level of collaboration in each step is up to you – you can be as involved as you like.


Step 1: Job Brief

A recruitment actionable specification of the job incorporating knowledge gleaned from the Syft profile developed by SWEEP, the job requisition and Q&A with the hiring manager.

Step 2: Tools and Templates

Email templates, evaluation criteria, evaluation sheets and marketing messages all used multiple times during the rest of the process.

Step 3: Advertising and Messages

Job ads posted to job boards, job referrals published to targeted social networks and direct marketing content loaded to the campaign.

Step 4: Global Ripple Search

A bag of candidates found by Boolean search through successive big data sources, starting with SmartWorker’s local talent pool and working outwards to more specialised talent pools depending on the individual nature of the role requirements. Bag building often results in thousands of candidates being tagged.

Step 5: Sifting and Screening

The talent pool is evaluated and the candidates are shortlisted.

Step 6: Speed Selection

Rank order of preferred candidates is done after all evaluation is complete.

Step 7: Bind and Onboard

A preferred candidate is contracted and ready to walk through your door.

The Tools You Use

Visuals courtesy of Syft Platforms

Syft Candidate PROFILE

Visualisation in recruiting means having every resume, every time, presented in a graphical or picture form in a consistent manner to make your decisions faster.

All the details, fully transparent, available to the employer up-front.

No more secrets!

BEST Skills Cloud Example screen shot

Individualised skills clouds, for every resume, every time, highlighting skills & experience in a consistent manner.

Recruitment screening comparing cangidates

All your short-listed candidates, evaluated and scored consistently, every time, for every job.

Every candidate, scored, positioned and accessible via a dual dimension matrix for fast selection and review.

Working with your professional recruiting consultant, you decide the hard & soft skills specific for your role.

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