Recruitment online anywhere, anytime on any device

Freedom! Freedom from piles of resumes. Freedom from email after email reviewing applicants. Try recruitment online anywhere, anytime on any device.
Freedom to review your talent pool, when you want, where you want and on the device you want.
Modern online recruitment means access from anywhere you can get a connection, at any time and from any device.
Why is this good for you?
Nothing to download. Nothing to install.
SmartWorker’s modern online recruitment services are 100% cloud based. All you need is access through a browser. There is no app to install. There is no need to contact your IT team to get approval to install an app on your company desktop, tablet or smartphone. Get up and running (or recruiting) in minutes.
Access anywhere, anytime, from any device.
Whether you are in the office, at home, on the train, in bed, at the beach, working out at the gym, or waiting for a blind date, all you need is browser access with your chosen device and your talent pool is ready for you – office computer, tablet, smartphone or that internet cafe down the road.
100% Cloud, Consistent & Live.
Everything you need about your role, including the job brief, evaluation criteria and progress of the search is there for you via our Syft platform in the cloud. Everything about your talent pool and candidates is accessible as well – employment history, skills cloud, evaluations, candidate comparison across the talent pool, recruiters comments, cover letter and original resume. Nothing to carry with you.
Every resume, for every applicant, is transformed in real time every time into a consistent visual employment timeline and skills cloud (link to the other blog) for you to review candidates faster, easier and more accurately than having to page after page of inconsistently formatted resumes. Plus, the original untouched resume and cover letter are available online for you too.
Every update is immediately available to you as it occurs. As your online recruitment consultant updates the talent pool, completes a candidate evaluation, makes some comments on several candidates, or as new candidates come into the talent pool, those updates are there for you to see.
SmartWorker is the only modern online recruitment agency in Australia providing recruitment services to this level to all their customers. Further, we provide all of this at a lower cost than standard traditional recruiting, generating savings for you and your business.
CLICK HERE to find out more on modern recruiting and how easy it is to get started.
SmartWorker’s cloud based Syft Platform is available immediately with nothing to download and nothing to install. Accessible everywhere, from any device, at any time.

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