SmartWorker Appoints New CEO – Chris Martin

Today SmartWorker is proud to announce the appointment of its new CEO, Chris Martin. This announcement comes as John Cooling, founder and former CEO, retires from actively running the business. John has shifted into a directorial position and is excited at the innovations that Chris will bring to the company.

Having consulted in more than 20 countries – including USA, UK, Canada, South Africa, Zambia, Indonesia and Colombia to name a few – Chris is very experienced with diverse cultures, people and building strong working relationships that achieve great results.

He is an experienced Product Marketer and Presenter – Australia, Japan, Belgium, Jamaica and NZ to name a few more – conducting training, sales / product launches, partner engagement and conference speaker sessions.

As General Manager Chris has been managing the daily operations of the business, learning about the recruitment process from bottom to top. We are all excited at what Chris will bring to the future of SmartWorker.

Chris is feeling rather generous, contact him now and lets strike a deal!

Chris Martin

+61 0402279147


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