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SmartWorker is here to help you build stronger teams through our collaborative outsourced recruiting, not just IT but also for accounting recruitment.

Finding the right people for your organisation is rarely as easy as posting a job advertisement. In the highly competitive accounting industry, the sheer volume of respondents alone can be overwhelming for even the most time-rich hiring manager.

For accounting recruitment that complements your business, partner with SmartWorker. We know what it takes to select candidates who fit the role you need to fill.

More Than a Digital Recruitment Agency

We pride ourselves on our innovation, technology and communication. Instead of simply moving traditional recruitment models online, we took a step back and considered industry-standard recruiting as a whole. It was evident to us that there were some major flaws in the system – the secretive nature, rock-solid costing model, and rigidity all seemed to be outdated and unnecessary.

That’s why we created a specialised cloud-based program through which we – and you – can manage all your recruitment processes. This program, SYFT, is an end-to-end online recruitment solution, and you can manage both time and costs by being as involved in or separated from the process as you want.

Setting New Standards

When you choose SmartWorker, you are choosing accounting recruiters who team up with you for a collaborative partnership between all stakeholders. Our model offers you:

  • Transparent pay-per-hour costing structure
  • Access to all applications submitted for your position
  • Ability to view work that we have done on your account
  • Ability to take over the recruitment yourself at any point (we just need 24 hours’ notice!)
  • Access to your talent pool for up to three months after your first hire.

Save Time With Recruitment Online

Forget skimming through numerous resumes – with SYFT, you can see information relevant to you at a glance. Using natural language processing (NLP) technology, we turn text-based resumes into visual formats like timelines, clouds, and graphs, so you can increase your efficiency and accuracy when shortlisting and selecting applicants. Alternatively, leave it all up to us – we will work with you to gain a thorough understanding of the role so you can feel confident letting us take the reins.

At SmartWorker, we know that accounting recruitment, like all recruitment, is all about achieving strategic business objectives. Even at the lower levels, every employee should be contributing to the company in a positive way. That’s why we take every hiring project seriously. For accounting recruiters you can trust, get in touch with us or sign up online today.

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